PPD Day 9: *tiny cheesehead star fields*

Today's piece is sponsored by and dedicated to composer David Drexler. I've had the pleasure of programming and performing David's music on several occasions due to our mutual interest in miniature compositions (which can be defined as pieces that consist of 100 or few notes or pieces that take one minute or less to perform). Because of David's ties to Wisconsin, his miniatures make up a series called Tiny Cheesehead Music

A couple of months ago, I started following the Twitter bot *tiny star fields* (@tiny_star_field) which is run by artist Katie Rose Pipkin. I love the idea that something so vast - a galaxy of stars - can be suggested in a medium that emphasizes smallness. This is one of my core beliefs about miniature compositions - that even within tight length or time constraints, a fully formed musical world can be created. 

So, in honor of David's miniatures, I took a Tiny Star Field from this morning and set out to interpret it as a graphic score.

so tiny...yet so vast...

so tiny...yet so vast...

I read the symbols (more or less) left to right and assigned pitch ranges based on their placement on the page. The more points each "star" has, the more articulations I used in each gesture. And, as the icing on this conceptual cake, I wrote this one for toy piano.

Many thanks to David for supporting Piano Per Diem!

Download *tiny cheesehead star fields*