PPD Day Seven: Corpus

I've been a huge Jeff Buckley fan since college. I played his 1994 album Grace on endless loop - and that thing still holds up over twenty (!) years later.

If you haven't heard it, go listen. It's ok. I'll wait.

Buckley was an omnivorous musician, consuming influences ranging from blues, folk, rock and grunge to Qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Western art music. It was through Buckley that I first heard "Corpus Christi Carol"; I fell in love with his haunting rendition and only later realized that it was a cover of a section of Benjamin Britten's A Boy was Born. Still later, I went back a little further and listened to an earlier setting of the same anonymous medieval text (which is either about the legend of the Holy Grail or the execution of Anne Boleyn, depending on who you talk to) by Peter Warlock. Elements of all three settings are abstracted and recombined in Corpus.

The piece is sponsored by and dedicated to Todd and Sue Mattison, in honor of their wide-ranging musical tastes and their stalwart support of live music in and around Green Bay.

Download Corpus