PPD Day Four: Bloom

Today's piece was generously sponsored by my dear friends Michael Hall and Kristine Kohler-Hall. I've know them both since the 1997, the year we all moved to Chicago. Kristine and I worked together in the Music Department at the University while I was a grad student, and Michael (a wonderful violist and champion of new music - check out his site here) and I have collaborated on several pieces over the years. Over a nearly twenty (!) year span, my husband (who's also a Michael!) and I enjoyed their friendship and have watched their family grow.

Michael and Kristine asked that I dedicate today's piece to their daughters, Madeleine and Sophia. I've known both girls since they were babies, and I've loved watching them grow. They are smart, funny, kind, adventurous, artistic and eclectic. So today's piece, Bloom, is a tribute to that growth, and to what I am sure is the brightness of their futures. I chose to write this piece today because it's Michael and Kristine's twenty-second wedding anniversary. It's a thrill to celebrate the entire family through this piece.

Download Bloom