PPD Day 30: Nobody Puts Becky in a Corner

Today's piece is for my husband Michael, in honor of the fact that he's put up with me for the past month. The title comes from a long-standing inside joke (well, I guess it won't be that for much longer) in which he deliberately misquotes a key line from the climax of the epic film Dirty Dancing. Yes, he knows that the line is really, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."  No, he doesn't care that he's saying it wrong. He's doing it on purpose. Deal with it.

And, of course, after this Swayze utters this line, the final dance is performed and Baby finally gets lifted triumphantly into the air.

I'm not gonna lie...I feel a little like that right now. This is it - a wrote a piece every day for a month, and I lived to tell the tale. There will be more tale to tell after I've had a chance to disengage for a bit and reflect on everything - but for the moment, this last piece is what happens when the final song from Dirty Dancing is cross-pollinated with Liszt.

For Michael...because I've had the time of my life/and I owe it all to you...

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