PPD Day 24: Phoenix Rising

So, yesterday I hit up social media to ask for some creative prompts. After 23 completed pieces, I was hitting a wall of sorts - continual output without a proportional amount of input was making me feel a little depleted. I knew going in that this was bound to happen at some point - and honestly, I'm kind of proud that it didn't happen to a larger extent sooner.

My friends came through - as friends often will if you swallow your pride enough to ask.

Today's piece, Phoenix Rising take dual inspiration from my friends Ellen Rosewall and Paula Ganyard. Ellen made several conceptual suggestions, and "phoenix rising" jumped out at me right away. I've been a Phoenix twice - first as a graduate student at the University of Chicago, and currently on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. I prefer my mascots to be aspirational as opposed to violent, so this suits me pretty well.

Not long after Ellen posted her suggestion, Paula posted a description that I immediately thought could work with the idea of a rising phoenix. Today's Paula's birthday (woo-hoo!) and she wrote, "since 9/24 is all about me you should use me as inspiration. Keep it short, let it start quiet, but then gets a bit angry, and ends on light melody."

From there, the piece almost wrote itself. Thank you, friends!

Download Phoenix Rising.