Day 22: Fours

I had no idea what I was going to do today.

Yesterday got away from me a little - writing time I thought I'd have during the day got eaten up by some other things, so I finished the piece pretty late. I was too tired to think past getting that piece posted, so I didn't think about today's piece at all, really...except to think that maybe I'd do something with intervals of a fourth.

I got up, taught a class, cranked out some grading...and as I checked items off my list I almost wished I had more items on it...because if I could stay a little busier with other things a little longer, I wouldn't have to write the piece before I had a "real" idea.

But the daily deadline looms large, so I got up from my desk, and started playing fourths on the piano. And, whaddya know, I had a piece in roughly an hour and a half. For having no idea what the piece was going to be, I kind of like what happened here.

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