PPD 21: Underwater Prelude

Today's piece is sponsored by and dedicated to Holly Roadfeldt. She's one of the two pianists who will premiering the full set of Piano Per Diem pieces in November. When she asked if I would do her dedicated piece on her birthday (which, yes, is today!) I was thrilled to oblige.

Holly has been engaged with a fascinating Preludes Project over the past couple of years. She has been pairing the preludes of Bach, Rachmaninoff, Debussy and Chopin with newly commissioned works from contemporary composers; the juxtaposition of standard rep with new ideas has, in Holly's words, caused audiences "to listen to their favorites with more wonder and more inquiry." So, as I thought about writing for Holly, I thought about bringing that juxtaposition even closer together.

Underwater Prelude uses Chopin's E Minor Prelude, Op. 28. No. 4 as a starting point and framework - but over time, the material is manipulated and distorted. The familiar piece becomes less and less familiar without entirely leaving behind the structure and logic of the original. 

Download Underwater Prelude