PPD Day 20: That Fleeting Thought is Worth Pursuing

Today's piece is based on two things: a fortune cookie slogan I got years ago, and a piano improvisation my son played this morning.

The fortune, "That fleeing thought is worth pursuing", came from one of our countless visits to Chinatown in Chicago while I was in graduate school. I don't remember the specifics, but odds are that it came from Hong Min - our favorite place (which, to our horror, burned down as a result of a kitchen fire and couldn't be saved even though it was directly across the street from the Chinatown fire station). I liked the fortune, kept it, and taped it to my computer monitor. Even though I lost track of the little slip (probably when I traded in my desktop computer for a laptop), this little blurb has reminded me to be open to new ideas and possibilities, and that sometimes an idea that seems random or extraneous can actually lead somewhere interesting.

So I decided that no matter what fleeting thoughts Sebastian expressed on his little piano this morning, I would pursue them. The first few notes he played became the ostinato for this little piece, and I pulled out a few other details to create the melodic material. Sebastian knew that his music was going into my music and asked if I could make sure to include "the spooky part" (a trill between E and F-natural). Of course, buddy. I kind of live for the spooky parts.

Here's the full audio of Sebastian's performance!

Download That Fleeting Thought is Worth Pursuing