PPD Day Two: Impromptango

I almost saved this one for later.

I've had a tango on my list of Piano Per Diem ideas for a while now. The jazz group I play in, Gypsy Trip, has a couple in the set list, and lately we've been saying that if we record a second CD (did you know we have a first CD? We do!), it's going to be all tangos. 

But when I was deciding what to do today, I almost didn't do the tango. I need to listen to more tangos first, I thought. Needs more research.

Which is the exact opposite of the point of this project - I'm trying to see what it's like when I stop overthinking and second guessing myself. So the impulse to not do the write a tango became the reason to write a tango immediately.

So. Here it is: Impromptango. Mostly straightforward, with occasional whole-tone scale curveballs.

Download Impromptango