PPD Day 19: Pulsar

Today's piece, Pulsar, is dedicated to an awesome couple, Adam and Erin LeGrave. 

Adam was a student in several my classes when I first got to UW-Green Bay. A little later, he was my composition student. Currently, we perform together in Gypsy Trip - his cajon playing has quickly become the backbone of the group. I loved having Adam as a student - he was bright, enthusiastic, hard-working and fun to work with.

I didn't have Erin as a student, but she graduated from UWGB with a music education degree and teaches in the Green Bay Public Schools. She's exactly the kind of teacher you want your kid to have - she's warm and funny with an infectious energy.

Adam and Erin are awesome individually, and even more awesome together. They met at UWGB and married a little over a year ago. They just bought a house together over the summer. Together, the sky's the limit for them; I'm happy to call them friends.

Pulsar is so-named because of its frenetic energy and its use of repeated pitches. It borrows and expands upon a couple of melodics fragments from a piece Adam wrote when we worked together, Aquatic Hypnotic

Download Pulsar