PPD Day 17: The Familiar

I started reading Mark Danielewski's epic new series The Familiar this summer. I may be a wee bit weary, here on Day 17 of my series...but The Familiar is going to be a set of 27 novels, so I'd best not complain, right?

Early on in Volume I (the only volume available right now...the second will be released this fall), Anwar, one of the characters in one of the novels eight (!) disparate plotlines, says, "We are all of us used parts. Our newness lies only in parts rearranged." This may sound like a cynical worldview, but for me it's a sort of call to action. There may no longer be any such thing as a truly original musical idea, but there are infinite possibilities available to us as we arrange and rearrange musical material.

In keeping with this notion, The Familiar borrows ideas from two other Piano Per Diem pieces - the trills and ostinato figure from #4 (Bloom) and the sevenths and ninths of #15 (In Retrospect) - in hopes that the combination of these rearranged parts will be heard in a new way.

Download The Familiar