PPD Day 16: Rhythm Chant CG

Today's piece, Rhythm Chant CG, is dedicated to C. A. Grosso, my colleague at UWGB. She's a percussionist who founded a hand drumming ensemble on campus. She's written a number of hand drumming compositions (many of which are found in her book, Hand Drumming Ensembles), and I've heard many of them performed at campus concerts over the years. I borrowed her naming convention of following the title Rhythm Chant with the initials of the person who inspired the piece. Rhythm Chant CG borrows (loosely) rhythms I've heard in Cheryl's work and attempts to translate a hand drumming groove into an ostinato-driven piano piece.

Cheryl retires at the end of this semester, and it won't be the same around here without her. Rhythm Chant CG goes out to her in honor of her years of service to the music program and the tenacious and generous support she has given me since I arrived.

Download Rhythm Chant CG