PPD Day 15: In Retrospect

Today's piece was sponsored by Robb and Lidia Nonn. It is dedicated to Lidia's mother, Gerda Bardygula, who will celebrate her 80th birthday next month. I tend to think of birthdays as both a time to celebrate and a time to reflect, and reflection won out as I worked on this piece. Most of the musical material is generated from just a couple of intervals - sevenths and ninths, as a nod to Gerda's current age, 79. As I worked through the piece, I thought about what Lidia told me about her mother - that she was born in Germany and immigrated Chicago after marriage; that her nickname is Mouse; that she sticks up for underdogs; that she loves classical music; that even though she is legally blind, she knits hats and scarves to donate to shelters.

Lidia's love for her mom shone through her description, and I hope this music can serve as a catalyst for reflecting on the richness and fullness of Gerda's life as she celebrates a milestone birthday.

Download In Retrospect