PPD Day 14: One-Eyed Beast

This summer, I had the great pleasure of participating in the MId-Missouri Composers Symposium, held at the Osage Arts Community in Belle, MO. An amazing group of composers gathered together for several days of sharing our music and ideas There may also have been a demolition derby and a karaoke night, but I will neither confirm nor deny these events - what happens in Belle stays in Belle.

One of the properties owned by the Osage Arts Community holds a cluster of houses used as artist residences and gathering spaces. The "white house" was a place where we gathered for dinner in the evenings. Situated at the bottom of a steep and rocky road, we were advised not to take our cars to get down there, as it would be pretty rough on the suspensions of cars not meant for such rough terrain. Enter the One-Eyed Beast:

Not pictured: right headlight. Also not pictured: right fender

Not pictured: right headlight. Also not pictured: right fender

The story goes that the owner of this truck smashed it into a building. The right headlight and fender were among the casualties. It still runs great, but since it was too old to make fixing it up worthwhile and too busted-up to be street legal, the owner donated it to the Osage Arts Community. It lives on their property - and lives to serve, ushering visitors up and down the rocky road.

One-Eyed Beast commemorates the short but very, very turbulent ride up and down that hill. It also marks the first (and likely last) time I've used the word "janky" as a musical direction.

Download One-Eyed Beast